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Troubleshooting of industrial paper shredder

Time:2021-04-22 14:30:33   Author:ShuGuang  Popularity:2527

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1. Bearing over temperature

Bearings are key parts of the industrial paper shredder, and their characteristics immediately endanger the normal operation and productivity of all machinery and equipment. During the entire operation of the machine and equipment, the user should pay attention to the temperature increase of the bearing and the noise of the bearing position, and solve the abnormality as soon as possible.

(1) The two bearing seats are uneven, or the motor rotor and the industrial paper shredder rotor are not the same center, which will cause the bearing to suffer the impact of the additional load, which will cause the bearing to overheat. In such situations, it is necessary to immediately shut down and detect faults to prevent the initial damage of the bearing.

(2) Too much, too little or embrittlement of grease in the bearing is also the key reason for the damage of the bearing due to over-temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to fill the grease on time and quantitatively in accordance with the application specification. Generally, lubrication occupies the space of the bearing room. 70%-80%, too much or too little are harmful to bearing lubrication and heat convection.

(3) The matching between the bearing cap and the shaft is too tight, and the matching between the bearing and the shaft is too tight or too loose, which will cause the bearing to overheat. Once such problems arise, friction noises and significant shaking will be heard during the operation of machinery and equipment. The bearing should be shut down and removed. Refurbish the friction location, and then reassemble as required.

2. The shredder is blocked

Shredder blockage is one of the common faults in the industrial shredder application. It is very likely that there are deficiencies in the machine design, but most of them are caused by poor actual operation of the application.

(1) The feed rate is too fast and the load expands, causing blockage. In the whole process of feeding, pay attention to the large deviation of the ammeter needle at any time and place. If the voltage exceeds the rated voltage, it means that the motor is overweight and long-term load will burn the motor. When this kind of situation occurs, the feed door should be reduced or closed immediately, and the feeding method can also be changed, and the feeding amount can be controlled according to the raising of the feeder. There are two types of feeders: manual and fully automatic. Customers should choose a suitable feeder according to the specific situation. Because the industrial shredder has a high speed ratio, a large load, and the uncertainty of the load is strong. Therefore, the amount of current when the industrial shredder is working is generally controlled at around 85% of the rated voltage.

(2) The feed pipeline is blocked or blocked. Feeding material too fast will block the air outlet of the industrial paper shredder; improper matching with the conveying mechanical equipment will cause the feed pipeline to become weak or clogged when there is no wind. After detecting common faults, first clear the unmatched conveying machinery and equipment that changes the delivery port, adjust the incoming material volume, and make all the machinery and equipment operate normally.

(3) Hammer fragments, embrittlement, closed stainless steel mesh holes, worn-out, and high moisture content of the crushed raw materials will block the industrial paper shredder. The broken and severely brittle hammers should be upgraded on time, the industrial paper shredder should be maintained in good operating condition, and the stainless steel screen should be maintained regularly. The water content of the broken raw materials should be less than 14%.In that way, productivity can be improved, the industrial paper shredder will not be blocked, and the credibility of the shredder can be improved.

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