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The plastic shredder has been in rapid development since 2007, and the manufacturer of plastic shredder has gained a lot of benefits in the early stage, but it also has many disadvantages. Blind investment in some areas, don't look at the situation in production, the production of the shredding machine quality closes nevertheless, industrial shredding machine price is also high and low, is not only a waste of resource, at the same time have the tensions in the region competition is not conducive to regional long-term development.

We usually in industrial shredding machine equipment in use process, if found to have uneven discharge or is found a jam occurs, the voltage instability that would affect the stability of the motor, there will be uneven speed, running time will feel fast and slow, uneven discharge occurs, under the condition of feeding is not uniform, the most prone to congestion, caused the shredding machine inside the fuselage or stuffed with legacy is still discharging residue, under the condition of serious congestion will bring down or motor temperature rise, and this part is the belt or the damage of the sprocket, the plastic pieces of mechanical and electronic pressure is not stable, transmission part will inherit the tensioning degree is big, cause the belt too loose, after a long time may produce skid and so on, so in the case of unable to ensure the voltage stability, often need to debug the transmission parts, at the same time of voltage stability, as the change of driving force under, also makes the motor was fixed point displacement, base the phenomenon such as screw loose, so we use at ordinary times will often check whether this part is good.

In recycling utilization rate higher in the future, to plastic shredding machine market will be further expanded, and zhengzhou shuguan heavy industry is constantly research new technologies, create better equipment makes up quality enhances unceasingly. Better support for environmental protection and sustainable development.

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