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Time:2018-01-16 00:00:00   Author:Shredder Manufacturer  Popularity:304

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In the machine instead of manual as industrialization development today, human resources is gradually save each one of the features of heavy machinery industry, plastic shredder is the latest generation of products, by shear torn and pulverization, to reduce the material size, it is mainly used for all kinds of plastic and soft material pieces, shredder adopts independent drive, the unique structure of knife shaft and the corners of rotary cutting tool in the process of production, low speed high torque, there will not be bound axis, or stuck phenomenon.

Zhengzhou shuguang heavy industry for many years, sales of Raymond mill, grinding equipment such as industrial shredder, from material selection to the grinding powder products packaging, after a series of automated production line, not only save human resources, reduce pollution process, policies and regulations also realize intelligent production line. As a new generation of the shredder series of waste material recycling production line, plastic pieces, metal pieces, different models to choose from, such as rubber shredder for different processing material has the unique effect.

Nowadays, with the development of science and technology is more and more fast, more and more customers into the scrap metal recycling business, it is just because of the country to support for metal recycling, enable customers to see the huge opportunity, these waste metals after shredder in pieces of metal particles is steel raw materials, recycled quality in the face of the huge gap, customers want to be able to according to the metal shredder to seize the opportunity. Our company also strive to be the best, hope to be able to conduct friendly long-term cooperation with the majority of customers!

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