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Many customers know the industrial shredder, and it is not clear that the industrial shredder can tear up any material. In fact, there are many materials that are torn by industrial shredder! China dawn shredding machine manufacturers production of heavy metal shredding machine machine shell plates welded together, the cutting tool with silicon chromium alloy casting, durable, reasonable design make you more convenient operation, perfect after-sales service for you to solve trouble back at home.

The metal industrial shredder is generally aimed at the old bike rack, motorcycle frame, color steel tile, scrap Angle steel, scrap wire, scrap metal scrap, etc.

Rubber industry shredder, plastic industry shredder, timber industry shredder, construction waste industry shredder, life waste industry shredder, waste paper industry shredder, etc. Different materials use different configuration of industrial shredder, tear out you want effect. Shuguang industrial shredder can be customized according to customer's requirement.

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