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There are several possibilities for industrial shredding:

1.The bearing pedestal is not processed, and the two bearing seats are no longer in the same horizontal plane, which also causes the bearing to be hot and the bearing card dies and the machine cannot work properly.

2.The ground level is not handled well, and the force is not uniform.

3.The equipment is not in place, the equipment is faulty or not installed in the bearing position, which makes the bearing clearance too small. Or the inner and outer rings are not in the same rotation base, forming different hearts. Claim: select the appropriate or professional bearing equipment, the end of the equipment should be viewed with a special instrument.

4.Smooth defects (about 50%) are one of the primary reasons for the premature failure of the bearing of the biaxial industrial shredder, including the failure to add the smoothing agent or smooth oil in time; Or unfilled, improper selection, smooth method and so on. Proposition: use precise smoothing or smooth oil, and precise refueling.

Fatigue (about 34 percent) fatigue damage is the most common damage to bearings. Why: chronic overwork; Failing to protect in time; Improper repair; Equipment aging, etc.

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