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World the huge potential of using of waste wood, waste wood source way is: renovation of old furniture, remove the waste wood shredder, disposable wooden products, construction waste, old withered dead wood, such as urban waste wood, wood in our country each year about 90 million tons of waste wood. Since the capacity of environmental resources is limited, to reduce the environmental pressure caused by waste, waste must be reused, and it must be re-resourced to develop a circular economy. How to reasonable development of waste wood, waste wood to turn, have become ease the contradiction between supply and demand of timber, important way to realize the sustainable utilization of wood resources, and an urgent task for the development of circular economy. Hot - selling wood shredder waste wood for treasure reuse, can reduce the waste of resources to reduce the development and waste of our resources!


Wood is not the same as the shredder and grinder, the company is not the bottom of the screen, so if you want to control the size of the discharging you need to adjust the shredder blade, blade width and determines the number of wood shredder discharging size. The narrower the blade, the more teeth there are, the thinner the material. The wider the blade, the less the number of teeth, the thicker the material. Different pieces of wood material production will also vary, such as shredded tree trunks and shredded wood production will be different, therefore, if you want to know real wood production of shredder, can call our service hotline: 15290889698, let our professional technical staff to shred the material according to you for a detailed explanation for you. At the same time, we can call our service hotline if we want to know the price of wood shredder.


Therefore, waste wood recycling is imperative. Shuguang mechanical wood shredder is mainly used for the rough breaking of large waste wood, so that we can transport, use and reprocess later. Such as coarse, templates, old Windows and doors, packing boxes, wooden trunk, templates, external shell plate, branches, branches, bark, bamboo, bamboo board, old furniture, old Windows and doors, wood scraps, leftover material, packing boxes, density board, plywood, particle board, bamboo veneer and other large waste wood, we want to directly to smash it into sawdust or wood powder is difficult, but if we use first shredder to tear into small pieces and then to smash the words will be easier. The wood shredder design is reasonable, the body USES the high quality steel welding and becomes, USES the high strength screw fastening, the structure is firm, durable.

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