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High - tech, high - efficiency garbage industry shredder to win by quality, functional equipment also for the machine equipment in the market development has been very nervous. Under the growth opportunity, the machine has the advantage not only to provide the customer with reliable equipment, low fuel consumption, energy saving and environmental protection is also a big competitive advantage of the machine equipment. As a manufacturer of scrap shredder, we are not only sold in India, Indonesia, Europe and the americas, but also have a large user base. We these users against doing a machine equipment protection sense, because the regional differences of different temperature, air temperature, and the protection and maintenance of the machine is different also, let's talk about this aspect of the shredder above common sense:


In the machine industry, the shredder machine is a heavy equipment, the normal and ordinary protection of equipment is very nervous, and in the plastic reality, there are many matters needing attention. Safety production is very nervous, here small make up will pay attention to matters of shredder in the normal application process writing, also convenient to purchase check our shredder industry clients, guaranteeing production safety.


1. Start the machine driving wheel move move again after two laps into the wrong thing, and boot can reflect on electromechanical steering disorder, flexible machine can well reflect on equipment, reflect on and correct boot feeding.


2. In the process of machine operation, it is necessary to pay attention to the temperature change of the bearing of industrial shredder, and the smooth and smooth of the bearing. If there is an abnormal noise, it should be considered that the bearing box can be destroyed.


3. The bottom of the industrial shredder and machine manipulation on 6, and the upper installed of the garbage shredder inlet protection network, the protection network in disorder applications at any time can strengthen, eph into random assembly, avoid destroy material moment in burst, material originally collapse due to resistance in, form the pide.

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