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Old furniture shredder in China in recent years a wide range of applications, is known to all machinery and equipment in the production of time more or less will have some small problems, although this little problem will not affect too much, but in order to our production efficiency and security of person, also should avoid. Today we're going to talk about how Old furniture shredder bearings are heating up.
 We are put into production, paying special attention to is the Old furniture shredder bearing temperature inside the equipment, if unexpected, will be processed immediately, after all, bearing is the key component of the whole equipment, if fail, will directly affect the operation of equipment and the production efficiency, analysis for everybody here Old furniture shredder reason often solve the problem of the equipment.
 Equipment manufacturing is a balance, two rugged or motor rotor bearing different heart, to the rotor of the shredding machine can make the bearing under the impact of the additional load, this will lead to bearing overheating, if that happens, stop the machine immediately to check work, avoid the damage of bearing.
 Old furniture shredder equipment bearing cover and shaft are too tight or too loose will lead to overheating of the bearing. In the event of this problem, the grinding noise and obvious vibration will be emitted during the operation of the equipment. In this case, we should shut down the bearings, trim the friction parts, and reassemble them as required. Within the bearing lubricating oil too much, too little is partly caused by bearing overheating, therefore, according to equipment specifications quantitatively in time to join the lubricating oil, prolong the Old furniture shredder equipment bearing service life.

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