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After Garbage shredder after crushing waste not only have the available resources, poisonous and harmful substances such as mixed at the same time, such as waste batteries, waste fluorescent tubes, waste mercury thermometer, a bottle of pesticide residue, expired medicines, etc. Therefore, living garbage not only affects people's living environment, but also endangers people's health.

Bioconversion resources include fruits, vegetables, meat, bone, biomass and other wastes. This type of waste can be converted into combustible gas or fertilizer through biotechnology fermentation or composting.

At present, the disposal methods of household waste are: landfill disposal, incineration treatment, compost treatment, partial comprehensive recovery and treatment. The composition of life garbage is complex, intertwined with each other, making garbage classification difficult, and the cost of sorting is high. The total amount of garbage is huge, and the landfill disposal takes up a lot of land area. The application of garbage life crusher is a great help to the efficient sorting of household garbage and the reduction of living waste.

City garbage

Shugaung heavy industry can be equipped with Garbage for customers shredder production line to provide remote monitoring and intelligent system, mechanical equipment and the Internet, the high-end smart technology perfect fusion together, make the operation and maintenance more convenient.

Shugaung heavy industry co., LTD. Has a complete and effective service system, providing customers with comprehensive services such as program design, site planning, guidance and installation, professional technical training, etc. Customer intelligence file service system which is based on Internet technology, has realized the remote monitoring of equipment used for the client, so that the technical service more convenient and efficient, damage to a minimum.


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