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China's electronic waste disposal mainly relies on the dismantling and reprocessing of the workshop, which is extremely inefficient and cannot make full use of the recyclable resources. We have developed e-waste shredder with market trends and can adapt to various e-waste fragmentation.

E-waste is the world's fastest growing garbage. In recent years, China has entered the peak of household appliances scrap. Not only that, it is estimated that 70 percent of the world's e-waste will flood into China every year. The specialized disposal of e-waste is a gold mine: about 54% of the steel in one computer, 20% of copper and aluminum, 17% of plastics and 10% of other non-ferrous metals. A ton of discarded circuit boards can separate out about 85.5kg of copper, 0.5kg of gold and 20kg of tin. The cost of electronic waste disposal is much lower than mine, which is a win-win industry.

E-waste shredder.

If your e-waste needs to be processed, you can contact jepp environmental protection. Our engineers will design a completed e-waste shredder for your spirit god to meet your different needs.

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