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Dual Shaft Shredder is now being used in production and daily life more and more widely, not only its tore up a wide range, and equipment production efficiency is high, the tear effect is good, torn the items can be greatly recycling again.


Dual Shaft Shredder two hydraulic or electric motor driven two knife and reverse rotation axis, top and bottom knife knife Shaft axis with the material of the early broken and also the function of the ejecting, feeding, secondary crushing is mainly composed of lower rotor with shear, extrusion, rupture, the material, the size of the product is mainly composed of knife Shaft is installed on the blade thickness and the opening size of screen mesh, equipment can adjust the discharge by changing sieve of different aperture size.


Dual Shaft Shredder can meet demanding work requirements, such as high mixing degree of broken materials, complicated crushing conditions, and strict control of material granularity. The two shafts adopt different tool structure to cooperate with each other to ensure high cutting efficiency, and the material size is uniform and easy to control after crushing. The machine work noise is very low (75-85 decibels), the dust is low, the energy consumption is low, applicable to the crushing various soft and hard materials.


Dual Shaft Shredder is widely used in industrial waste crushing, electronic waste crushing, medical waste crushing, old books and confidential documents broken. Four shaft crusher series products to solve the easy winding of fine materials and low efficiency of plugging problem, this kind of crusher has excellent design, PLC control, high efficient transmission system, and the structure design of easy to maintain.

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