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Now, with the mass production of waste tires, disorderly discarded scrap tire has become a big problem that human beings are facing, how to be able to deal with the use of these waste tires, good problem to be solved is the human. The production of Tire Shredder equipment solves this problem for mankind, so that the waste tires can be recycled very well, which also saves a lot of rubber resources for our country.


Tire Shredder is also very important for the disposal of finished materials. Problems for some production line, the design process, so that the transfer of the finished material processing is slow, or in the production of products in the materials handling equipment malfunction, will also Tire Shredder certain impact on production.


We know that under normal production, the impact of overload production on the Tire Shredder device is very large. Good equipment protection, not only can protect the equipment not to be damaged when the non-breaking material or overload, but also ensure the equipment has higher production efficiency.


In the use of Tire Shredder, for a good control of their device parameters such as oil temperature, can be before failure, discover problems in time, avoid problems expand, causing greater damage to the equipment. At the same time, timely detection of problems can solve the problem in a timely manner, thus minimizing the impact of equipment failure on daily crushing production.


Tire Shredder downtime, should according to the material flow direction, in turn, parking, feeder, feeding conveyor, Tire Shredder, discharge conveyor, dust collector, should be used Tire Shredder and each device has no material, otherwise, again difficult start time. Check all the equipment after parking. Keep a good record.

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