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When the Dual Shaft Shredder device deviates from its normal running state, it indicates that the device has failed. At this time how to obtain a deeper knowledge of the information and use it effectively applied to the fault diagnosis, find a more accurate fault diagnosis methods, application is wider, has the important significance in theory research and engineering application value. The following three aspects should be noted for fault diagnosis of mechanical equipment:


1. The vibration of Dual Shaft Shredder is serious. Main reasons and elimination methods: first, the speed reducer installs unstable, the body loses balance, fan impeller or rotor imbalance; Second, the mounting bolts are loose, the fixed bolts should be checked and the nuts are fastened.


2. Dual Shaft Shredder motor heating, fuse blowing, motor smoke. The main reason and the elimination method: one is to feed too much, tear the box in the room to jam, cause the motor overload, should stop feeding, wait to return to normal state when feeding. The second is the mesh blockage, the crushing chamber material cannot be discharged, should stop the power, open the machine shell to clean the sieve and then put into work.


3. The output of Dual Shaft Shredder is reduced. The main reason and the elimination method: first, the raw material moisture content is too high or the shredder speed is not enough, should dry raw material or properly raise the shredder speed. The second is that the blade is badly worn or not installed as required, or the new blade is replaced, and the position of the blade is properly arranged according to the specification.


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