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Tire shredder parameter is proportional to the relationship between price and quality, customers in the choice of tire shredder not only pay attention to the price and neglect the quality of the industrial tire shredder, the same industrial shredder production, performance, shredded tire size, and so on offer is not the same, in the time of purchasing equipment must choice professional burst factory house. Many customers who choose the tire shredder due to inaccurate identification of the quality of the goods have incurred a price to weigh the tire shredder, this is a bad choice.

First depends on the material of machine, different tire shredder, because of the different materials and steel products, indirectly determines the price level also determines the quality of the tire shredder, the same steel, look down more thick, creamy, outside touch down less impurity.

See structure, industrial structure and appearance of the shredder, and some of the details, for example, the steel plate welding is bored with smooth, clean, no cracks and has proved to be cracked shredder shorter service life. Due to the high speed of external material activities of shredder, the pressure is strong. If there is a crack, it will lead to a big crack, which will shorten the life of the broken machine.

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