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There are many different kinds of  shredding machine and general purchasing chance to choose a recycle bin, such as recycling bike very much, will choose metal shredder, actually this kind of crusher has very much, is what we call the shredding machine industry. A bicycle crusher, crushing material probably is irregular, also sell high price, but recycling is very limited, for old bike is much less than the market, scrap iron and scrap steel cans, bucket so much! In this way, one of our bicycle equipment will not be able to perform his maximum performance! Japp teaches you how to play with the "100" metal shredder.

Well-known cans, paint bucket is very large, the number of resource recovery rate is high, this kind of scrap metal and broken into small particles, on the steel casting factory can sell a good price, but the material of large bicycle crusher are very large, we can adjust the mesh to achieve this effect, between the particle size by a half to 3 cm, so the bike crusher is also called cans crusher, the paint bucket crusher.

We crush material different optional motor according to the customer, if the customer is given priority to with bicycle briquetting materials is best can be equipped with bigger, so can guarantee the customer's production, if is given priority to with broken light material such as cans, paint bucket, caigang watts, thin sheet metal, etc. Can be equipped with a smaller motor, which saves energy, and improve the working efficiency.

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