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Rubber shredder blade is an indispensable tool in industrial production. It can effectively improve the operation efficiency of the equipment and the explosion production is carried out normally. At present, the shears are widely used in the production, but many workers in the production workshop have improper operation in the process of rubber shredding machine, causing different degree of damage to the cutter. The following is made by the rubber shredder blade manufacturer to explain the precautions during the daily operation:

1. The blade edge of the blade should be sharp, if the edge of the blade becomes blunt or disintegrating, it should be replaced in time.

2. The open space between the blades shall be adjusted according to the thickness of the plate, and the upper and lower knife boards shall be kept parallel, and the manual plate shall be used for inspection after adjustment, so as to prevent accidents.

3. When shearing, the press equipment should be firmly pressed on the plate, and it is not allowed to shear under the condition of not pressing.

4. The equipment with hydraulic equipment is not allowed to be self-aligning in addition to saving the other hydraulic valves.

5. For the thickness of the shear plate of the hydraulic swing lock shearing machine, it is determined according to the reference value.

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