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According to the control requirements of the stall control system of industrial shredder, the whole system consists of four parts: intelligent PLC, sensor, frequency converter and man-machine interface.
PLC is the core of the whole control system, and the sensor is the bridge between PLC and lubricating system and industrial shredder. In the process of the work of the whole system, through the sensor real-time detection of industrial shredding machine and lubrication system working parameters, and to detect the information transmitted to the PLC, the PLC operation, analysis, and the control of the operation. The inverter is the starter of industrial shredder and lubricating system. It can not only start and stop the motor, but also adjust the motor speed to realize the function of controlling the speed of crushing roll. The man-machine interface is responsible for displaying the work of the whole system on the screen, such as the speed of the motor, the liquid level information of the grease, etc., to facilitate the system monitoring.
After the industrial shredder control system is electrified, first check the lubrication system. When the grease storage is normal, the lubrication system can be started. When the lubricating system is in working condition, monitor the speed of motor of oil pump. If the motor speed is abnormal, the indicator light alarm and stop the motor work to stop the whole lubrication system work.
After the lubrication system works for 30 seconds, the industrial shredder can be started. Industrial shredder can carry forward and reverse two operations, and when it is working normally, the speed of its crushing roll can be adjusted.
The industrial shredder is used as an example to start the industrial shredder, and the industrial shredder is being turned on and the speed of the crushing roll is monitored in real time. When industrial tore up the opportunities to broken material or other problems caused by its stall, industrial shredding machine stop work, in the process of system working, if the lubrication system failure is detected, should be timely stop industrial shredding machine and lubrication system work, in order to protect the mechanical safety.
The system controls two industrial shredder, two industrial shredder that can work simultaneously or separately. Industrial shredding machine is working, the lubrication system for real-time monitoring of system and industrial shredding machine work, at this time, will have the following several ways: first, all the work, at this time can be adjusted according to the needs of the industrial shredding machine broken roller speed; Second, because have not broken material or other reasons, lead to broken roller speed is too low or stalling, namely industrial shredding machine in stall condition, the system will automatically stop industrial shredding machine work, with its protection; Thirdly, the lubrication system will be abnormal. At this time, the system will stop the work of all industrial shredding machines and lubricating system to ensure the safety of the site machinery and the safety of the workers present.

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