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China's large population, the living garbage produced in daily life is large, if not treated properly, not only affect the urban landscape, also pollute the atmosphere, water, soil and crops, also pose a threat to our health. A garbage shredder can help you solve these problems!

Living garbage, about 50% organic matter, inorganic matter accounts for more than 30%, so to speak, in addition to account for about 10% of the plastic and metal scrap can be recycled, the rest is a raw material for production of organic fertilizer utilization degree is the highest.

And waste fertilizer is mainly used for processing perishable organic garbage, in the role of microorganisms, biochemical reaction, and form a substance similar to humus soil, used as fertilizer or soil improvement, also can be used as compound fertilizer and bio-bacterial manure and other raw materials. The key is to provide an environment conducive to the growth of microorganisms to accelerate the decomposition process. Fertilizer is mainly controlled by nutrients, temperature, humidity, PH and other factors in waste. No waste gas, waste water and waste residue are discharged in the fertilizer treatment, and the whole utilization of waste resources is the best solution for harmless, reducing and recycling garbage.

Our country is agricultural country, farmers have had a habit of using farmyard manure, since ancient times in China and made of selected organic garbage ecological organic fertilizer not only has all the characteristics of farmyard manure, and safer than farmyard manure nutrient more fully. Compared with the use of chemical fertilizer, its advantages are obvious -- improving soil, overcoming soil compaction, improving the taste of agricultural products and producing far more than input. In addition, due to the continuous improvement of people's living standard, people's ecological consciousness, the health care consciousness growing, for no chemical fertilizer and pesticide pollution of food, vegetables, meat, and the increasing need of green food, the main ecological organic fertilizer as green food, it will more and more wide prospect of market. And quality of agricultural products caused by using chemical fertilizer and becomes more and more important for the people, its sales are declining, so the ecological organic fertilizer to the quality advantage, will gradually replace fertilizer.

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