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With the rapid development of the social economy and the speeding up of urbanization and the rapid increase of people's living standard, city life and production process of waste also increases rapidly, living garbage takes up land, the status of the environmental pollution and also more obvious influence on people's health. Zhengzhou ShuGuang technical support, designed specially for all kinds of waste materials design, suitable for crushing all kinds of garbage shredder.

ShuGuang garbage shredding machine driven by biaxial independent environmental protection, which in the production, make the material produces corresponding crushed, to achieve automatic feeding function, the unique structure and the cutter knife shaft, in the process of production of low speed high torque, won't appear the phenomenon of winding shaft, or stuck equipment, so as to improve the production efficiency, the equipment is suitable for crushing all kinds of toughness and high viscosity material. There are many advantages in production, environmental protection and recycling.

After-sales service:

1. The company promises that after you purchase the equipment, the technical personnel will be free to install and debug.


2. The company will conduct the operation instruction of the equipment to customers and return visit to solve the problem on time.


3. All equipment will be guaranteed for two years from the date of delivery.


4. All spare parts are available for users to purchase.


5. In the case of normal use of equipment, the users will have problems in the warranty period, and we will replace the new accessories without any conditions.


Zhengzhou ShuGuang is specialized in producing cans grinder, the paint bucket crusher, metal crusher, crusher, bicycle steel scrap crusher, metal shredding machine, multi-function shredding machine, shredding machine, wood products, high quality, welcome to choose and buy!

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