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Metal shredder equipment designed to shred all kinds of metal material design, suitable for all kinds of large volume, difficult briquetting torn or press block of aluminum material, has the advantages of uniform discharge, size control. It is mainly used to shred, shred scrap metal and other aluminum. According to the size of the material, the customers can choose different types of metal shredder.
Metal industry shredding machine equipment can finish from cleaning, crushed (to the mouth to the bottom), cutting, cutting up - grading in the magnetic separation - the packing process, is a professional about the paint bucket scrap, scrap iron, scrap iron and other often torn processing machinery and equipment, the processed product quality metal recovery rate is as high as ninety-eight percent above.
After the metal industrial shredder, the metal particles are transported conveniently, which can be used to reduce the transportation cost and increase the delivery power. After processing, the sales price of the metal particles is much higher than that of scrap iron and aluminum scrap. In terms of manpower, the two can complete the venture, and the investment risk is small.
Our actual situation to improve the research and development, with mature technology and design of advanced metal shredding machine series, for the world of the early stage of the recycling of torn, capacity reduction treatment to provide quality and reliable equipment. This machine is suitable for grinding the aluminum sheet metal, industrial metal, scrap steel sheet, sheet metal, aluminum alloy plate, aluminum alloy doors and Windows, aluminum plate profile, scrap aluminum alloy, all kinds of metal barrels, etc.

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