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In recent years, along with the rapid development of the automobile, source of raw rubber, increasingly scarce, how to effectively use the scrap tires has become a global human problem solving, some by buying expensive or high power and low efficiency of equipment, the investment cost is too high, some will waste tires with manual cut into small pieces and then broken, reuse efficiency is too low. How to use waste tire effectively and efficiently is a key research topic of rubber production.



Shuguang environmental protection after several years of concentrated study and draw lessons from the advanced experience of similar products abroad, through continuously improve, has successfully developed a large full-automatic tyre shredding unit, the unit high degree of automation, high production efficiency, gives users the effective use of large diameter tyres. Any scrap tires that can be put into the box of the feeding box, other rubber materials can not be cut and decompose, and the crushing work is done directly.



Tire shredding machine in the market value believes that many users know, around the waste rubber recycling resource of large volume of material processing, will we do the good ecological environment, is called shredding machine instead of crusher, the reason is very simple, is crusher has an upgrade, so the name is different.



Tire shredding machine's main structure including into the hopper, motor, transmission system, crushing chamber, filtering mechanism and the chassis parts, parts material can have a variety of options, as long as can facilitate users, improve the efficiency of production, some innovative design changes can be. It is our responsibility to solve problems quickly and well for our customers.



The tire shredder can sometimes be torn apart according to the size of the material or the difference of the area. For example, it is also the main factor affecting the work of scrap rubber machine. The motor drives the knife disc in the broken room through the transmission system, and sends the material through the conveyor belt to the feed port, and then the equipment works on the equipment. The difference in the design method of the manufacturer makes the process and speed of the equipment different, and the user must pay attention to the selection of the equipment when purchasing.



Working principle of tire shredding machine we already have a certain understanding, if you want to later we have what problem can consult the shuguang environmental shredding machine professional manufacturers, our service for you!

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