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Zhengzhou shuguang intelligent heavy industry technology co., LTD., years of industry accumulation, whether in the product technology, marketing channels, management experience, talent advantage for mechanical leap-forward development provides a strong foundation and resources. Standing in shuguang heavy on the shoulders of giants, through technological innovation, seize the user requirements, establishing the image of high-end technology and products, will further boost the scale development and industrialization of shredding machine in our country, reveals machinery leading enterprise in the field of low carbon responsibility and bear.


It is one of the important means of shuguang heavy industry to build an energy-saving plastic shredder in the new era. It is a kind of policy in response to green heavy industry, which is the current form of economic development. Shuguang heavy industry vigorously respond to two heavy industry spirit, out of a heavy machinery route, the plastic of the birth of the shredding machine not only solved the above problems, and brought great wealth back to society, "waste" as the "treasure".


The plastic shredder of shuguang heavy industry has good performance, high crushing efficiency, good paint effect, and no noise is the characteristics of our plastic shredder. In today's plastic shredding industry, the plastic shredder can not be ignored in the crushing market, which occupies a great role. Shuguang heavy industry is actively forge ahead, the new type of plastic shredding machine, make its output increases, in addition to paint effect is good, let it occupy a larger share in the crushing market, plastic shredding machine in the market for crushing nots allow to ignore.


Shuguang heavy machinery has launched five strategies:


1. Precision of product quality.


To carry out the new product development process, full implementation of modern design methods, in an automated leading equipment upgrade, enhance manufacturing capacity, the "lean management" infiltrate into every link in production and management, further enhance the accuracy of each a shredding machine.


2. Diversified structure adjustment.


Continuously promote the industrial and product structure adjustment, and more in the product high performance, multi-function, use reliable and so on, meet the farmer low price, the high efficiency, the comfortable change demand.


3. Upgrading of r&d reserves.


Shuguang heavy industry will further develop its product r&d and service.


4. Internationalization of talent cultivation.


Train the talents with international thinking and build the staff from the Angle of view.


5. Standardization of marketing services.


Integrate sales, service, spare parts management, and further explore the overall solution to create value.

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