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Using industrial shredding machine shredded material has many successful examples in domestic and industrial shredding machine face huge workload, industry often shredding machine accessories change is inevitable, then in the selected industry shredding machine when we want to select original accessories so you can ensure high output is able to ensure that equipment use cycle is long. Zhengzhou shuguang reminds customers in the industrial shredding electromechanical machine bearing steel plate of the purchase of the necessary efforts. Today we are going to conclude from three points.


First industrial pieces is necessary to choose is the requirement of the mechanical and electrical machine motor factory produces gb products, not refurbished machines may be non-standard motor shoddy, because of the motor copper enameled wire wire diameter could not reach the requirements of good machine for rated current, so easily burned or driving


Biaxial industrial shredder.


The quality of bearing bearings is directly affected by the production power and tear quality of industrial shredder, and zhengzhou shuguang adopts European imported bearings with high load resistance, good wear resistance and long service life. Using domestic bearing, zhengzhou shuguang recommend luoyang, Harbin, wafangdian, three big manufacturers produce bearing, other small manufacturer bearing less, zhengzhou shuguang can be selected according to the customer demand the use of bearings. The quality of the equipment from the details of the exquisite, for their brand to do the root.


The requirements of the steel plate material selection is a must, qualified steel plate on the use of more assured, shuguang industrial shredder plate all use national standard equipment, zhengzhou shuguang said these are real visible, investors can directly to zhengzhou shuguang on-site commissioning.


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