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Waste packaging box shredder, waste packaging bucket shredding machine broken range widely, can break rubber, plastic, wood, metal and other waste materials. The reuse value of more waste materials has been improved.


In recent years, along with plastic bags, flexible bag, ton bag bag, packing boxes, packaging barrels, fishing nets, tires, plastic film the wide use of plastic products, how to effectively after the recycling use of waste has become numerous production widely to solve the problem, some manufacturer by buying expensive or high power and low efficiency of the equipment to recycle, investment cost is too high, some plastic products directly burned down and affect the environment, but also not conducive to the sustainable development of economy. How to effectively recycle waste products is a key research topic of each manufacturer. The emergence of multi-function shredder effectively alleviates this problem.


The characteristics of scrap box shredder and scrap drum shredder:


1. The machine is designed reasonably, and the body is welded with high quality steel.


2. High strength screw fastening, solid structure and durable.


3. The design of the main engine is exquisite, and the broken materials are designed to be separated and designed so that the output is higher.


4. The processed pieces are evenly distributed and the losses are small. Can change a variety of screen at the same time, meet different needs.


5. Equipped with different materials, so as to adjust the tool for different materials. It can be used for many times and long service life.


6. The machine has beautiful appearance, simple operation, stable operation, low investment and high efficiency.


7. Equipped with the extra belt pulley to increase the inertia of the grinder, energy saving energy and powerful crushing.


The scope of application of scrap box shredder and scrap box shredder:


1. Scrap metal: automobile housing, motorcycle, bicycle, aluminum alloy, colored steel tiles, and steel plates with thickness of less than 5CM, etc.


2. Waste home appliances - furniture: TV, washing machine, refrigerator, battery, battery, sofa, wardrobe, cabinet, bed, etc.


3. Used tires: car tires, truck tires, etc.


4. Waste wood - template: building template, tree roots, branches, tree poles, wooden pallets, plastic pallets, forklifts and so on.


5. Waste plastic - pipe material: woven bag, rubber plastic waste, PVC pipe, large pipe, PE pipe, etc.


6. Waste containers: cans, plastic beverage cans, plastic buckets, paint buckets, fuel tanks, packing boxes, packing barrels, etc.


7. Waste garbage: food kitchen waste, life garbage, animal carcasses, medical waste, biological orange pole, garden garbage, etc.

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