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The method for the disposal of FRP can be classified into 2 kinds, namely chemical and physical methods.

The physical method is to crush the FRP waste into a powder of different particle size, which is used as a filler. This method, need to use industrial shredder or metal shredding machine the lowest cost of production, processing method is simple, the largest materials after the application is broken, and cement to make square brick paved the road. In this aspect, Japan has mature experience, and many blind alley colored bricks on both sides of the Japanese road are made from this waste material.

Chemical method, is to waste broken onto a specified particle size, and then dissolve the powder after crushing, under high temperature, under the action of alkali catalyst, the resin decomposition, glass fiber and unsaturated polyester was isolated molecules. The separated glass fiber can be recycled into low-grade fiberglass products, and the decomposed resin will become a burning "diesel" for fuel.

The industrial shredder is used in both physical and chemical processes.

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