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When the waste steel industry shredder is working, the material can be fully and effectively broken in the crushing chamber. The output is high, the energy consumption is low, the efficiency is high, and the material is fine and even. Scrap steel industrial shredder equipped with dust removal device, the whole system will be produced in the process of production dust pollution hazard is reduced, so when using the device, low noise, no pollution, simple operation, convenient maintenance. The machine is widely used for processing fine powder equipment such as cans, tin cans, scrap steel, raw iron filings, aluminum ash, metal magnesium, iron ore and so on. Light weight, small volume, no pollution, low power consumption and low price characteristics, is an ideal metal crushing equipment.

However, improper operation can also occur in scrap steel industry shredding machine is not uniform, how can we avoid this situation?

First of all, because of the unstable voltage, it will affect the stability of the motor, resulting in uneven speed of the rotating speed, and so on. When the material is not uniform, a simple blocking occurs, causing the cavity to fill up with unfinished materials. In severe cases, a lot of blockage may bring down the machine or the motor temperature will increase.

Secondly, the motor is fixed and unstable. When the voltage is stable, the change of the force accepted by the transmission will also cause the original fixed point displacement of the motor, and the base screws are loose, so it is necessary to check whether this is missing or not. Shredding machine is now scrap steel industry professional standards is not standard, the shredding machine blade scrap steel industry standard of form a complete set is heavy and complicated pattern, the same shredding machine manufacturers produce of scrap steel industry are likely to use five or six kinds of different standards of scrap steel shredding machine tool industry, then no way to scrap steel industrial shredding machine blade formal mass production.

Now the large scale manufacturers are customized according to the customer's order, according to the customer order quantity to produce, seldom produce spare scrap steel industry shredder blade. Since the development of scrap steel industry, it has been obvious that there is a surplus of production capacity, especially when the economy is depressed. The second is that the scrap steel industry is still adding, and the planned expansion space is obviously contracted, and the method of expanding capital contribution and quantity is unable to meet the request of the new stage. It is necessary to carry out the transformation in depth from the aspects of product quality, process technology and market environment.

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