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With the development of automobile industry in our country, more and more people have private cars in our country, but at the same time these cars produced by waste tires is also more and more, a lot of scrap tire production brings us a very serious problem. How to effectively use the scrap tires has become a global human problem solving, some by buying expensive or high power and low efficiency of the equipment, the investment cost is too high, some will waste tires with manual cut into small pieces and then broken, reuse efficiency is extremely low. How to use waste tire efficiently and efficiently is a key research topic.

Zhengzhou shuguang heavy industry after several years of concentrated study and draw lessons from the advanced experience of similar products abroad, through continuously improve, has successfully developed a large full-automatic tyre shredding unit, the unit high degree of automation, high production efficiency, gives users the economically efficient way of large diameter tyres. Any scrap tires that can be put into the box of the feeding box can be cut and broken without cutting.

Scrap tires can not only tear up old tires, but also tear up some rubber products, such as nylon ropes, plastic bags, etc. The tyre shredder is widely used, the equipment is superior, and the environment is efficient and energy-saving. Zhengzhou light which specialized in manufacturing tire shredding machine equipment manufacturers, we produce tire shredding machine equipment quality is reliable, factory direct sale, the price is reasonable, welcome the masses of users to review and commissioning, we will according to your needs and to shred the material for a suitable production line for you.

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