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The market is stagnant, competitive pressure is coming, the plastic shredding machine industry has entered the integration stage of the survival of the fittest, and many plastics shredding machine factory will face the life and death choice. In a difficult situation, who can win the hearts of users, who can be the first to usher in a turnaround. To this point, the plastic shredder factory must have a clear understanding, in the publicity channel, brand communication, product sales and other aspects of the implementation of "user-centered".

At present, the whole era is in the information age, and every user is the sender of information and the receiver of information. Every user has a micro blog, and every user has a WeChat. The user with a particular product, would at his weibo or WeChat release in the circle of friends, like you are satisfied with a restaurant meal, you also before taking photos, for the food disinfection, then sending WeChat circle of friends, the user is currently such behavior.

In the market of user - oriented plastic shredder, the user's demand determines the strategic direction of the manufacturer to a large extent. The plastic shredding machine industry has been developing for many years in China. With the upgrading of the market competition in recent years, the attention of the manufacturers has been paid more and more attention to the demands of users. Especially in the market competition situation is increasingly severe, how to understand the user's demand is also very important.

Previously, users' perception of the brand was more from advertising than word of mouth, and users' access to information was limited. But now with the continuous development of the information age, users have access to information, and more and more, one-way advertising through advertising has failed. In this era of information overload, brands are actively constructed by users, not by manufacturers. Users now have access to information, relying on the Internet, mobile phones, active selection and filtering information.

The invention of the hot product of plastic shredder is the choice of users and the choice of plastic shredder. As mentioned in political economy, production determines consumption and consumption influences production. For this, the user oriented is plastic pieces vendors would meet user demand in the process of development must go through a ring, users tend to be healthy, natural and comfortable shredding machine of plastic products, so the plastic pieces factory to meet the demand of users, in research and development new product to user needs as the starting point, to create products market value.

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