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Speed reducer is no less important than garbage shredder, which has a very important effect on garbage shredding machine. The time protection of the speed reducer, can play the limit of garbage shredder, is you more innovative high.

Garbage shredding machine although is low speed high torque has a strong power and shredded to mechanical equipment, but because of their large kinetic energy, thus the effect of the speed reducer is very important, can be useful to control spam shredding machine speed. Therefore, it is very important to maintain and protect the reducer of garbage shredder.        

Garbage shredding machine speed reducer can't temperature under the environment of - 10 ℃ to 40 ℃, the damage of reducer.  

The cleaning of the reducer of the garbage shredder should not be cleaned with the heavy impact material such as water gun, so as to avoid the damage.

It is necessary to take part in lubricating oil to protect the speed reducer.

If the garbage shredder shows a strange movement in the process of the operation, perhaps the deceleration machine becomes hot and so on the phenomenon need to close the garbage shredder in time to check!  

The reducer that protects the garbage shredder can make the garbage shredder live longer and create more wealth for us.


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