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Select high quality materials, advanced heat treatment, use high precision equipment to ensure the blade size.

Due to the wide application of plastic shredder blade, its production process is complicated with the requirements of customers. At present, the plastic shredder blade manufacture is according to the quality requirements to determine the production process, require the system to the analysis of the technology of plastic shredding machine blade processing, in order to choose the shape of the blank and manufacturing methods, and formulate detailed processing process, to create quality products to meet the requirements of customers.

In the actual production process of the plastic shredder manufacturer, the production of some special shape products can be worked out to reduce the production of waste products. In the processing of surface machining method selection, according to the product appearance is pided into different processing technology, and, in the order of reasonable arrangement of various working procedures of to determine the requirement of process and the degree of precision.

Selection of plastic shredding machine blade processing method, the machining method of processing efficiency should be considered, the product precision and surface machining accuracy and surface roughness requirements, to ensure that the size, shape, precision machining precision and parallel degree requirements. In general, the processing method is suitable to the machinability of the plastic shredder blade material and the structure shape and size of the product.

In terms of the heat treatment process of the product, the manufacturer of the shredder should understand the purpose of heat treatment, and the requirements of the process are to change the performance of the blade material and eliminate the internal stress. The purpose of the process is different, and its contents are different from those arranged in the process. The first step of heat treatment process is to prepare heat treatment, which can improve the mechanical properties of the plastic shredder blade. Quenching is tore up the plastic machine blade in rapid cooling after high temperature heating, make the organization transformation into martensite steel process, and then heated to a certain temperature, make it into tempered sorbite, due to the different tempering temperature, the performance can be adjusted in a certain range.

Inspection, the inspection process looks be like simple, actually is a very important process, when the plastic after shredder manufacturers products processing, need to go to the burr and check the parallelism, dimensional precision, heat treatment, hardness, etc., this is the final stage of the whole process of plastic shredding machine blade processing.


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