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Rubber shredder blade is the most widely used in the blade, the market now is due to the many in the industry is interested in rubber shredding machine blade features comparison, according to these the following related industry experts came to tell you.

In the word market shredding machine blade is using high wear-resisting rubber cold die steel, and also after vacuum heat treatment to the hardness is effectively achieved HR80-62, so this kind of blade industry have demonstrated the characteristics of good toughness and high intensity, in addition to being able to use on the pieces into the soft material, and it even had been mixed with a small amount of light thin metal material can also be used; And rubber shredding machine blade, it is difficult for general can also be used in the pieces of broken plastic, rubber, fiber, paper, wood, electrical parts and cables and other solid materials, like: shuikou expected, plastic head, PtT bottles, cardboard, panels, wood and plastic, etc. Of course sometimes it can also be used in crushing hard material, such as: high strength nylon, ABS and PC engineering expected, in practice, however, is also so for rubber shredding machine blade is more demanding.

Also now in the market more rubber shredding machine set casing knife shaft complete or adopted Japanese skd11 as a material for production, use the shredding machine blade made of this material not only has the characteristics of wear resistance, and it also has the characteristics of the blade won't crack; According to relevant data, this product has been recognized and praised by many customers since it was put into the market.

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