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Industrial shredder generally fall into two categories: a shredder, single axis, this form of shredder only a single shaft assembly, the blades are installed on this axis, with the fixed knife on the box body to form each other in the form of shear.

Industrial shredder

The main shaft is driven by the motor and the reducer, and the material is driven by the spiral blade to enter the gap between the blade and the static knife. Because the blade is spirally, the material will be squeezed, torn and cut at the same time, so that the material can get into the equipment well and finish the work smoothly. Second, the biaxial shredder, shredder with single axis is similar, just, shaft into two, are set with the blade, the two relative rotation axis, similar to the supplies of uniaxial shredding machine operation. The dual shaft shredder is equipped with two motors with sufficient power to break some materials with larger shapes and higher hardness. The shredder is gradually being widely used, easy to operate, the material effect is good, so the shredder will have a good prospect.

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