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industrial shredder

Twin shaft shreddermachine and tearing machine or biaxial shear machine, crusher, microcomputer (PC) automatic control system, has the characteristics such as low speed, high torque and low noise, easy disassembling tool change is convenient for extra large, thick and hard to broken material.

Reference price: 7500-980,000 yuan

Metal shredding machine is also called the shear type shredding machine, large metal shredding machine equipment specialized pieces of metal barrels, choi steel, steel, metal pipes and shells of waste household appliances, etc., after shredding easy to transport and recycling.

Reference price: 9500-80,000 yuan

Plastic shredding machine is also called plastic crusher or plastic crusher, is a kind of solid waste reduction mechanical shredding machine of environmental protection equipment, used for shredding and material high density polyethylene HDPE plastic products, plastic recycling and recycled plastic particles. For example: mineral water bottles, PET bottles, gasoline bottles, plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic sheeting, plastic containers, etc.

Reference price: 9300-98000 yuan

Tire shredding machine specially designed for shredded waste tires recycling and Twin shaft shreddermachine, all kinds of vehicles can be shredded waste tires into rubber pieces, after convenient transport and recycling, the recycling cost greatly reduced.

Renewable resources tire shredding machine widely used in industry, can be shredded material has all kinds of automobile tires, rubber tires, recycling of waste rubber products, tear into small pieces material, easy to transport and recycling, is very convenient and efficient.

Reference price: 8000-98000 yuan

Wood shredding machine is a new kind of wood crushing equipment developed according to the recovery and utilization of wood. It provides a powerful technical support for waste recycling in China. The main raw materials that are shredded are miscellaneous wood, edge material, solid wood, wooden pallet, tree technique, waste wood, and can also be used to tear irregular wood and furniture to process leftovers.

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