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Raymond mill

Grinding roller is one of the important parts in the grinding powder of Raymond mill equipment. It plays an irreplaceable role in the grinding of materials. Therefore, the correct adjustment and maintenance of grinding roller directly affect the work efficiency and quality of Raymond mill. Here, we will see how to properly maintain the grinding roller of Raymond mill equipment.

The grinding principle of Raymond mill is mainly to grind the material into the grinding chamber and grind it between the grinding ring, and grind the material with the powerful centrifugal force and gravity. In the process, the wear degree of grinding roller directly affects the yield and quality of the powder. Therefore, it is very important to adjust and maintain the grinding roller reasonably and scientifically.

In roller to adjust the Raymond mill equipment, Raymond mill parts from mill roll adjusting mechanism, two roller, adjustments must be in accordance with the technical requirements and flexibility to adjust any section of the rolling distance between two rollers, the uniformity of its guarantee. At the same time, in the adjustment of the grinding roller mill, the convenience of operation should be paid attention to improve work efficiency.

When we adjust the grinding roller of Raymond mill, we should pay attention to the safety of the equipment in addition to keeping the mill roll in a certain range. When the two grinding rolls are brought into a hard object, it is guaranteed that the rolling distance can be relaxed automatically so that it can be passed safely and smoothly. And when the incoming material stops or the emergency is released, it can quickly separate the two grinding rolls, so as to avoid the grinding roller and damage the grinding teeth.

Knowing the adjustment of grinding roller, we should pay attention to its regular maintenance work. During the use of Raymond mill equipment, the staff should check regularly and keep an eye on the wear and tear of the roller. If the grinding roller is worn seriously, replace it in time. After the grinding work is finished, the residual material in the grinding cavity should be cleaned in time to ensure the cleaning of the equipment and prolong the use of Raymond mill.

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