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Raymond mill

Raymond mill is now industrial flour industry, one of the most common equipment, and ventilation rate for Raymond mill is one of the most important link, the material of the size of the finished product fineness and Raymond mill ventilation rate has a lot to do. If the ventilation volume is too large, it will reduce the qualified rate of grinding materials, which will cause the qualified materials to do useless circulation and return to the grinding machine for crushing work. If the ventilation volume is too small, the qualified materials can not be separated in time, which will result in the regrinding of qualified materials, which will greatly reduce the production of Raymond mill.

When at work to the appropriate adjustment of air volume, when you need to pay attention to that if production fineness if raised, it can reduce production, and the fineness and production are all affected by Raymond mill air volume size. When Raymond mill at work generally turned on the air volume control valve, and then according to the requirement of the yield and fineness to make proper adjustment, attention should be paid to the point that fan regulator of mouth, to adjust to the inlet no dust spewed out is ok, the adjustment of air volume to adjust according to the use of the time.

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