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Along with the development of industrialization, a large number of rapid growth of the industrial products, industrial products increase degree of wear and tear, generating huge amounts of waste industrial waste, that how to solve the problem of the these industrial waste items, zhengzhou light heavy industry production of Dual Shaft Shredder can easily help you melancholy.

Dual Shaft Shredder

Our Dual Shaft Shredder is a new type of scrap metal Shredder. The shredder increases deceleration motor drive and has a dedusting pipe connection. It is a kind of low speed shredding equipment, and the original active hammer head is changed to the fixed scraping plate on the rotor, with the addition of alloy blade on the scraper, which improves the life of the machine. The scrap shredder has several advantages: low power, because it is low speed crushing, the same type of equipment reduces the type of the motor, which also reduces the power consumption. The machine has been able to knead the metal raw materials in low speed, and the products are removed and rust removed, so that the finished products are uniform and bright, which is well received by the users. Zhengzhou shuguang heavy heavy heavy heavy machinery Shredder is your first choice of scrap iron shredding equipment!!

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