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tire shredder

In China, a rapid increase in the number of cars, how to deal with a large number of discarded tires, and further meet the needs of energy conservation and environmental protection, has become unavoidable problems, old tires are in urgent need to walk out of the lost world. The reuse of used tires is nothing more than the following forms: old tire retread, waste tyre production glue powder, production of reclaimed rubber. However, in either form, the utilization ratio is relatively low in China, and the overall utilization rate is only about 45%. A considerable proportion of waste tire resources are used to produce low-grade products or to pile up on marginal areas, polluting the environment and wasting resources. Shuguang specialized in the production of waste tire shredding machine, solved the old tire pollution problem. The use of the old tyres after they are torn up reduces waste and saves resources.

tire shredder

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