How to Avoid Faults in Aluminum shredder


The main purpose of scrap aluminum shredder equipment is to tear all kinds of unqualified scrap iron into smaller pieces for recycling. Reduce the volume of unprocessed raw materials for mixing with other materials. How to avoid equipment failure in daily production of scrap aluminum shredder equipment?
1. Check and clean in time. After work every day, the machine should be cleaned in time. Check screw loosening and abrasion of easily worn parts such as claws, sieves, etc.
2. Add grease in time. Oil cups are usually assembled on bearings. Generally speaking, as long as the oil cup cover rotates 1/4 times every 2 hours, the grease in the oil cup will be pressed into the bearing. If it is a closed bearing, you can add grease every 300 hours. After long-term use, if grease deteriorates, bearings should be cleaned and new greases replaced. When the machine works, the temperature of the bearing should not exceed 40 C. If the temperature of the bearing continues to rise under normal working conditions, the cause should be found out and troubleshooting should be done.
3. Do not increase the rotational speed of the aluminum shredder at will. Generally speaking, the difference between speed and rated speed is 8%-10%. When a scrap aluminum shredder works on a large power machine, attention should be paid to controlling the flow rate so as to make the flow uniform so that it can not suddenly accelerate or decelerate. In the structure of the equipment, to replace the old equipment and the damaged equipment in time will greatly improve the utilization rate, and set up production lines to synchronize the automation management, which not only saves time but also benefits production.

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