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The aluminum cans shredder blade is the soul of the whole equipment. If the operation is not good, the blade wear is very severe, which shortens the service life of the machine. So what are the incorrect operation effects of the aluminum cans shredder blade wear speed?


1. The heat treatment of the equipment is not suitable. The hammer is made of high-quality steel. The head is carburized and quenched. The hardness of the quenching is HRC60~65. If the heat treatment is not proper, it will wear quickly.


2.The thickness of the aluminum cans shredder blade is small, commonly used rectangular double pin hole hammer head, its service life is 200 ~ 500 hours, although the thickness can be reduced, but the aluminum cans shredder productivity is improved, but the service life is short, the general multi-purpose shredded The hammer of the machine is 2~3mm, and the other hard materials are 6~8mm.


3.The amount of suction is too large, the equipment generally adopts the suction method to reduce the temperature and humidity inside the machine, and avoid dust leakage, but the suction volume is too large, the hammer head will be unevenly worn, and the air volume should be properly controlled. 4 The gap between the hammer and the sieve is too small, generally should be kept at 4 ~ 12mm, hard material is 10 ~ 14mm.

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