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When customers buy shredders, they should carefully understand the blades used by the manufacturer, because the price of the shredder blades has already accounted for 30% of the cost of the machine itself.


The aluminum shredder blade is pided into a multi-axis and a single-axis. The single-axis blade is a square shape, and the multi-axis blade is round and has a claw. The number of commonly used claws is two, three, and six. Eight claws and twelve claws, the number of jaws, the gap and the distance from the blade to the spacer determine the size of the shredded material. Commonly used multi-axis shredder blades are double-axis cutters, three-axis cutters and four-axis cutters. The materials should be selected from steel with good wear resistance, good toughness, high strength and strong impact resistance. Commonly used cutter materials are 6CrW2Si and 42CrMo. High-performance special steels such as SKD-11, D2, DC53, LD and Cr12MoV can meet the processing of various materials in the resource recycling industry. Customized tools, cutter shafts and spacers can be customized according to customers' needs.


What are the scope of application?

1. This product can be broken for large pieces of material, basket materials, pipes, plates, wood, tires, cans, plastic bags, paper sheets, table cloths, and large rolls of difficult powder for one-axis crusher;

2, the special structure of the extra-thick sheet precision processing frame, the powerful rotating shaft of the large-angle hexagonal column, the large diameter is firmly put into the hopper, so you can invest in large-scale raw materials with confidence;

3. Designing a unique rotary knife in terms of thickness, shape and arrangement order, with strong shearing force and sharp edge, which can be crushed with high efficiency;

4. PLC control, when the treatment is too large, there is a body with positive and negative operation and shutdown function, and the safety measures are foolproof;

5, low speed operation, low noise, less dust;

6. The cutter is made of special alloy steel, which is sturdy and durable; low transmission speed, low noise, high torque, mechanical and electrical overload, and more suitable for the crushing of extra large and thick materials.


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