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To do a good job in equipment production, we must first ensure the safe operation of the equipment, followed by equipment maintenance. In the process of using the aluminum cans shredder, the user will have equipment overload, which not only affects the normal output, but also affects the work efficiency. What is the cause of the overload?


Zhengzhou Shuguang aluminum cans shredder manufacturer according to the analysis may be the reasons:

1. The power supply voltage is too low: the aluminum can shredder operates under the condition that the rated voltage is lower than the rated voltage, and the current in the stator winding increases more, which causes the temperature rise of the stator winding to increase more and the overheating burns out;

2. Improper selection of aluminum cans shredder: The actual working condition of the load does not match the form of the selected submersible pump; the selected lift is too high or too low;

3.Mechanical failure: the aluminum cans shredder bearing is seriously damaged, the stator and rotor friction "broom" or the pump impeller is stuck by other debris such as water plants and other mechanical failures will cause the aluminum cans shredder stator windings to burn out;

4. Quality factors in the sales manufacturer or repair: the submersible pump is overloaded due to the quality reasons of the manufacturer and the repair.

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