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The motor is a very important part of the aluminum shredder, and it is easy to heat. In addition, the work of the aluminum shredder is large, and the production time is usually continuous, so the motor heating is normal, but as the temperature rises, It is very hot, which will speed up the heating of the motor. Therefore, when the problem comes, we must first find the reason and then solve the problem. The weather is hot, but there are still many problems that belong to the operation and the inside of the machine. 


1. The air gap between the stator and the rotor is very small, which makes the stator and the rotor collide. A simpler solution is to insert the end caps.


2. The abnormal vibration or noise of the motor causes the motor to heat up. Should be swept out for specific conditions. Oscillation not only produces noise, but also produces a rated load. The bearing operation is not normal, and the motor must be heated. Whether the bearing operation is normal or not can be judged by the temperature experience. The bearing end can be inspected by hand or thermometer to determine if the temperature is within the normal range.


3. The power supply voltage is too high, the excitation current is increased, and the motor will be excessively hot.


4. The material leaks into the motor, causing the insulation of the motor to drop, so that the temperature rise of the motor is reduced. It should be shut down to remove foreign objects.


All of the above can be regarded as the cause of motor heating. Always observe the working state and temperature of the motor. If the temperature is too high, stop the machining immediately. Wait for the motor to cool down and start the material safely to avoid financial loss.


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