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Aluminum cans shredder equipment blades often shred the dozens of waste products during the start-up processing. The shredding complexity is very high and the wear of the blade edge is very simple. Once the aluminum cans shredder blades is blunt, the future aluminum cans shredder is blunt. The effect will be very poor, then you need to replace the spare tool, remove the blunt tool for grinding.


The tool is the main component of the aluminum cans shredder. The grinding of the blade is not the same as the grinding of other tools. Other types of mechanical blades basically use the grinding machine to grind the plane or the edge part, while the aluminum cans shredder The special construction of the equipment tool, the planning of the multi-claw blade makes it impossible to grind the grinding machine, and the single plane grinding of the blade will constitute a serious influence on the empty space between the blades. The wear of the blade is mainly the wear on the claw, and the simple method of grinding is to use the polishing machine to polish the inner side of the cutting edge, knowing that the blade edge is sharply stopped. Be careful to be strict with the arc planing of the claws, and must be perpendicular to the plane of the aluminum cans shredder blade, so the loss of the blades body is relatively small.


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