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Any mechanical equipment that is normally used has a running-in period and a wear period. There are many problems that need attention in the running-in process. Some of them are called run-in periods. The running-in period is an important part to ensure the normal operation of the aluminum cans shredder, reduce the failure rate and prolong the service life. If this part is done well, it will greatly reduce the later wear of the aluminum cans shredder. 


Some users have neglected the special technical requirements of the new machine running-in period due to the lack of common sense of using aluminum cans shredders, or due to tight schedules or the desire to make profits as soon as possible. Some users even think that the factory has a warranty period, the machine is broken, and it is repaired by the manufacturer. Therefore, the machine is overloaded for a long period of time during running-in, resulting in frequent early failure of the machine, which is not only a shadow. It sounds like the normal use of the aluminum cans shredder shortens the service life of the aluminum cans shredder, but because the damage of the machine affects the progress of the project, the loss is not worth it. So we will  introduce you to the aluminum cans shredder to reduce wear and tear, and hope to really help you:



  1. Before starting work, we should check the bearings of the aluminum cans shredder for lack of oil, see if the blades are sharp, and if there are any gaps in the blades. Once this happens, fill up or replace the blade, then install and restart the machine.


  2. Aluminum cans shredder blades are generally alloy steel, which means that two different materials are welded together at high temperatures. When feeding, be careful not to enter items such as iron or stone; feeding should not be fast or slow, and should be fed evenly to avoid overload or blockage of the equipment.


  3. When working, the temperature rise of the aluminum cans shredder bearing does not exceed 35 degrees Celsius and 70 degrees Celsius. If the temperature exceeds 70 degrees Celsius, stop immediately and find out the cause.


  4. Before stopping, the feed should be stopped first, and the motor can be turned off after the scrap is completely discharged from the crushing chamber.


  5. During the crushing process, the motor should be turned off immediately due to the shutdown of the material in the crushing chamber. Materials must be cleaned before restarting.


  6. In addition to maintenance, in order to reduce the wear of the aluminum cans shredder blade, it is necessary to analyze the chopped material that is not suitable for the aluminum cans shredder, do not blindly operate, otherwise it will also aggravate the wear of the blade, each aluminum cans shredded The machine has corresponding shredded materials that cannot be adapted to this during use. The machine pulverized material is thrown into the smash.


  7. Pay attention to the workload during the test run. Half of the running-in period should not exceed 60% of the rated workload, and an appropriate amount of work should be arranged to prevent the machine from overheating due to continuous operation for a long time.


  8. When the end of the aluminum cans shredder hammer plate is worn, it can be used with the adjustable head.


  9. Keep the aluminum cans shredder clean, adjust and tighten loose parts in time to prevent parts from being worn or lost due to looseness.


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