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Before the aluminum cans shredder started to run, what is the internal structure of the equipment? This is what we must know very well in the industry. 


First of all, the motor must be a aluminum cans shredder, mainly because it is installed on the main shaft. After passing through the rotation of the gear, it is transmitted to the main shaft, so that the main shaft can be rotated quickly. When the cutter head on the main shaft enters the rotating state, the material inside the aluminum cans shredder equipment will be broken. The aluminum cans shredder who is doing the crushing work every day knows that some parts inside the crusher will be easily damaged, so we need to choose some wear-resistant gold and steel materials. It is necessary to have a flywheel on the main shaft to facilitate crushing. When it is given a torque, the vibration of the motor can be reduced. It is also necessary to choose a hydraulic drive device and do welding work on the surface of the rotor. This can also increase its abrasion resistance and break after doing these. When the equipment is working, there will be no way to solve it because of these problems.


How to choose the motor for the aluminum cans shredder equipment? The shredder can shred materials into a variety of materials, regardless of its hardness, size, difficulty and many other factors. China has an extremely wide range of functions.


Among the main parts of the aluminum cans shredder, not only the blade, but also the shredder motor is very important. The shredder motor's request is also very high. There are many different types of motors that are afraid of the matching shredder. When the shredder is operating, it is driven by the motor. The motor power of the different types of shredders is also different. The big ones are wasteful and the small ones are not moved. It is so simple to burn the motor. And it is a lot of trouble for the production of the shredder, so it is very important not to underestimate the selection of the shredder motor.


When buying a aluminum cans shredder, did you pay attention to the motor of the shredder, did you choose the right one? The selection of the shredder's motor is also very important. The electronic heat will be a condition, the load is high, and the motor fan Damage, motor bearing damage, the motor environment is sealed, heat is not charged, and the ambient temperature is high. You can measure the motor current to see if it exceeds the rated current. Then check the motor fan and environmental conditions. The motor smoke indicates that the motor temperature is too high, and the electric machine will burn out if it develops.


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