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In a aluminum cans shredder, each part has its own role. These parts do their instinctual work in their own posts. One of the parts is the main shaft. Before the production of the aluminum cans shredder, The spindle is well calibrated. The direct benefit of this is that it is easier to operate the equipment.


The main shaft plays a very important role in the aluminum cans shredder equipment. After any aluminum cans shredder equipment is used for a period of time, the main shaft will shift to a different degree or become vacant or even tortuous. The torsion of the main shaft will not only affect the bearing. The service life will also bring a lot of problems to your normal aluminum cans shredder operation. The twist of the spindle may cause dry and sexual cutting between the blades, causing unnatural wear of the blades, and seriously affecting the blades. The use of the service life will also affect the processing of the material. If the aluminum cans shredder chooses the direct connection of the reducer, it will also reduce the service life of the reducer. The use of a belt drive will make the jumper very simple. Reduce the life of the V-belt, so we need to calibrate the spindle of the aluminum cans shredder on time to avoid these unnecessary troubles.


The calibration requirements for the main shaft of the aluminum cans shredder use a press, a four-jaw chuck, a base support frame and other things. The main shaft is called as follows:

1. Use a press to proof the fourth section of the main shaft. Firstly, use the four-jaw chuck to clamp the fifth section. Use the base frame support structure to support the third section and align the base of the fourth section.

2. Next, hit the base, and then use a thimble to remove the base frame. The first section and the third section of the finished car are slightly empty.

3. Spindle head change processing, using the four-jaw chuck to clamp the top section of the list, the base frame support structure is used to support the fifth section, and the fourth section of the base is aligned. Hit the eye of the base, then use a thimble to hold it, remove the base frame, finish the fifth stage of the car, the rough car is a bit empty.


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