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The speed of waste tire shredder production line is relatively slow, which is the characteristic of the equipment. The speed of the cutter of the waste tire shredder production line can be adjusted, and it can be adjusted and set according to different materials. Regarding the materials that are easy to shred, the cutter speed can be adjusted faster, such as waste light floating metal materials, waste tires. The shredder production line can shred these materials at your fingertips. Adjust the speed of the cutters of the waste tire shredder production line faster. Increasing the speed can increase the output value, save energy and electricity, and have the effect of low energy consumption.


Regarding the surrounding materials, we can slow down the cutter speed, such as shredding woven bags, waste wires and cables, etc., timely adjusting the cutter speed of the waste tire shredder production line can increase the bite force, and fully tear Shredding can also tear these wrapping materials faster. It is a very scientific method to adjust the speed of the cutters of the waste tire shredder production line based on different materials. Sometimes it can increase the output value and prevent unnecessary wear of the cutters, extending the life of the waste tire srhedder production line.


The waste tire shredder production line must have a good power distribution cabinet. When choosing a waste tire shredder production line, many users will ask, can we not have a power distribution cabinet? We have industrial electricity. We can directly connect the electricity to the home. No more on the switch. Actually having this idea is actually wrong. The distribution cabinet is equipped in the waste tire shredder production line and plays a very important effect.


Another type of power distribution cabinet equipped with different types of waste tire shredder production lines is also different, and the transformers for daily power and industrial power are not the same size, and most users who cannot use industrial power To choose to use electricity for the day, the distribution cabinet came in handy, and the voltage and current of daily electricity consumption became unstable, and it was necessary to use the distribution cabinet. The distribution cabinet directly connects the motor to the electric brake. It is assumed that the excessive current and too small current will not cause damage to the electric motor and the electric brake. The power distribution cabinet is also very safe, which can reduce the safety hazards of the operators. So it must be new to know that the power distribution cabinet is equipped in the waste tire shredder production line equipment.


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