How the aluminum cans shredder can save user production costs


The aluminum cans shredder equipment lining board uses high manganese steel lining board, which greatly improves the abrasion resistance and the service life is 6-8 months, which greatly saves the user's production costs. These scrap iron can be processed and shredded by the aluminum cans shredder and sent again Entering a steel mill for smelting and remaking new steel, which plays a very important role in saving metal resources. If the load of the aluminum cans shredder is too large, it will cause the motor to burn out, making the machine not work properly, and it will cause trouble for the user. You can test the current situation. The ambient temperature should not be too high. Reasonably choose the aluminum cans shredder. The motor can save costs for users. What are the requirements for the configuration? Bring considerable economic benefits. Only in accordance with the guidance of the manufacturer's technical staff, especially the manufacturer with many years of experience, can the user be guaranteed to use it safely and normally. Moreover, since many years of operation, users have reported good conditions. The lining board of this material has the advantages of wear resistance, shock absorption, long life, etc., and is suitable for the working conditions of aluminum cans shredder equipment.
Aluminum cans shredder adapts to broken bicycle frames, motorcycle frames, color steel tiles, compartment panels, keels, color TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, tinplate, scrap angle steel, scrap tubes, car cabs, file cabinets, safes, car stables , Packing briquettes, electrical shells and other waste steel and industrial waste equipment. Shred the metal block. When shredding is not possible, spit out the ingredients and re-occlude. Until the metal block is shredded into small pieces and can be discharged from the discharge port, the above shredding operation is performed again for the materials that cannot meet the requirements. When the material enters the shredder bin, the aluminum cans shredder will intelligently shred from the weak position of the material, and so on, until the hard part of the material mouth is completely shredded. Different types of aluminum cans shredders are equipped with different blade diameters.
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