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Metal shredders play a considerable role in turning waste into treasure in our daily lives, such as our common cans, paint buckets, iron cans, moon cake packaging boxes, etc. We see these things everywhere. After we usually use it, we usually throw it in the trash or treat it as waste. Generally, the price of this recycling is from a few cents to a few cents per catty, and the acquisition cost is very low. The shredder can uniformly shred these metal materials and shred them into small pieces, so that these iron sheets can be melted and reproduced in the later stage, so that these wastes can be reused to the maximum, and the development prospect is good.


  The metal shredder is a high-efficiency equipment recognized by the metal recycling processing industry. It has a huge potential safety hazard when working. It is surprising: the equipment site does not have proper safety protection. What should I do if there is a problem? When using a metal shredder, we must take these protective measures into consideration, taking full account of various conditions. As a shredder manufacturer, we should not only make the equipment safe and secure, but also give safety guidance on site installation. Only in this way can we really solve the problem of safety protection.


The main protection of the metal shredder is the metal fragments flying out during the crushing, which cannot be achieved by the baffle alone. First, the crusher must be placed away from the crowd, and the surroundings of the construction site must be fenced. The height of the fence can be based on the actual situation. Where the flying debris is most likely to come into contact, it needs to be thickened. The second is to set up a special shelter for operators in the construction environment and install protective iron sheets. An iron plate fence with a thickness of 10-12 cm is set opposite the hole for conveying the material, and its height should prevent the fragments from flying over.


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