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In the production of aluminum cans shredder equipment, we all know that the blade is used for blade. If there is power, heat will be generated. If there is heat, heat will be generated. Therefore, we must pay attention to the temperature of the blade for a period of time in production. That should be asked, when the temperature of the specific tool is controlled in production, it has no impact on production and does not damage our tool? Here is a brief introduction:


Production temperature requirements of shredder blade: tempering temperature of blade is 240 ± 10 "C, holding for 60 minutes, and then oil cooling. Why do you want to do this? First of all, the blade after the first quenching can be tempered at this temperature to obtain the required hardness HRC 56 ~ 59. The second Cr12MoV steel is heat-treated by 1060 ± 10oC temperature quenching and 240 ± 10 "C tempering. The biaxial tearing mechanism can obtain better impact toughness. For the double axis shredder, 120 blades were processed for the first time, including the rotating blade 6. The hardness of the blade after quenching is HRC60 ~ 64, and the hardness of the blade after tempering is 100%. All hardness is HRC "~ 59". After quenching, the single side warpage of 60 writing blades is less than 30%, which meets the requirements of cold processing technology. In addition, 40% of the plane warpage of blades is out of tolerance, and the plastic shredder is generally 0.3mm. We use the hot straightening after quenching, all of which are controlled within 0.30om. After tempering, 100% of the deformation is checked and 100% of the deformation is qualified.

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